What is Culture?

What is Culture?

Culture is something people should never misinterpret. Few days ago I came across a post which made me to think thatnowadays our culture is misunderstood by our youth of GB .I would like to share my idea about what actually our culture is and how important is it to understand the actual meaning of culture. May be some people will agree and some will disagree with me. However, I would like to share my ideas about what actually the word culture means to me.

Starting with a quote:

Culture is most difficult word to define”

Although yes culture is a difficult word to define as it seems to be a one word but it is acutually accompanied by thousands of other words e.g. languages, beliefs, ideas, food, folktales etc that can be used to describes culture of a specific area and the culture never remains constant it changes with time on basis of either need to change or in case people adopt and include things from some other culture but it never remains the same. Let’s go back to the time and try to compare current culture with our old one; do you think we are living a life style our elders used to live?? You see difference a lot of difference don’t you??You can see change in yourself, what kind of culture do you have now a days and what sort of culture our ancestors had. According to my experience some people think wearing a white cap on head with gamburi (Special feather) and performing dance on a local represents our culture let me correct those that it is not our  culture, it is part of our culture. And whenever people see an un-happened event they become so eager to highlight it on social media and mention disrespecting posts just to claim that what is wrong or right without thinking about the situation, Yes I am talking about the Lokvirsa cultural event where some of women of gb also danced on local music and now youth is so much eager to highlight the issue on social media that it is wrong it is not part of our culture. I would like to ask a few questions from youth and request them to think about these questions;

For more visit: http://www.social-aspects.com/2016/11/what-is-culture-culture-culture-gb-youth.html








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