Gilgit Baltistan Budget 2016-2017 | GB Budget 2016

Finance Minister Ishaq Dar has announced budget with a total outlay of Rs 4.39 trillion for the fiscal year 2016-17, indicating 7% increase over the outgoing year.

Some of the Highlights from the Gilgit Baltistan Budget 2016-2017:
  1. The Gilgit Baltistan budget  Rs. 11.5 billion allocated for development expenditure. 
  2. Rs 50m for practicality investigation of building up a vacationer resort at Attabad Lake in GB 
  3. Rs 200m distribution for Medical College in Gilgit. 
  4. Rs 9b block assignment for GB
  5. Rs.10.2 billion will be spending on the in progress projects.
  6. For five new schemes Rs. 85 million has been allocated.
  7. For the subsidiary of wheat Rs 6.45 billion has been allocated.
  8. 16 mega watt hydra power project Rs 70 million allocated.  


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