By Elections 2016 | HUNZA | My Opinion

As we well aware of it, that most of our time we spend to get education, round about 16 years, what if you cast your vote for a person, who do not go through this stage? Everyone who is in educational years learn a lot about social aspects,

What will be difference between the person who spend 16 years to learn education and the one who don’t know?
What should you prefer to whom lead you?

I am not ever satisfy with a guy who has no background of education, whether he is right or wrong, if you deep think and concern regarding education, let consider our selves we spent our most of life time in education, why we? come on guys, think beyond your thinking, vote for the one who will give you a way to education, because if you have education and the person who know education will portray the people aims and lead us.

I know people work for their nations, their communities but it is not enough if you don’t have education then these all doesn’t matter, because when we born, our first aim is to educate our selves.So i never want a leader who did not go through the stage i did. So cast your vote for those you are educated, more literate, more keen to knowledge, more learners.

This is so sad how our EDUCATED YOUTH is making an uneducated and illiterate person their ideal. Sigh!


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