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In Gilgit Baltistan there were 11 Elections held so far. Within these 11 elections, the regnants those who were elected and those are elect, these regnants did not provided anything to the 2 million people, but they did all things for themselves while cheating the people of Gilgit Baltistan. And they prefer their own benefits rather than the benefits of people. I reject the system of elections because candidates for the elections from any district of Gilgit Baltistan, when they succeed in it, they always try to prefer to compensate their own expenses of elections rather than the creating opportunities for the people. And some of the candidates are trying to grab some amount from other candidates and withdrawn in the favor of the compensating party. I have a question from the people of Gilgit Baltistan:
The Candidates for the elections, those who spending millions of rupees for winning those elections, whether they prefer people problems rather than their own?

From the beginning it has been history that the leaders did politics taken in favor to families, religion and nationality and since in this century they do politics in term of these and making the people fool.

Gilgit Baltistan 28,174 sq mi. in area wise and more that 2.1 million people living in it. Some people have willful conspiracy policy that the people of GB are very much far behind in education sector, health sector from the other provinces of Pakistan.
While taking to consider the education sector in Gilgit Baltistan there are only 4 degree colleges and 1 university. Is this enough for 2 million people?

Health sector of Gilgit Baltistan have 6 headquarter hospitals for providing medical services for the public. If you look into the accounts of the 6 hospitals for the treatment purpose their where only 1 CT-scan machine and 4 x-ray machines, while for small to small laboratory services, the people have to travel Punjab or Karachi.

I have an appeal to People of Gilgit Baltistan, the main reason behind this article was that I only want that the people of Gilgit Baltistan should know about these aspects which are serious issues which will causes serious issues in future. And support those people who are really concern for the people rather than their own self.
At the last as a youth I said many things in this article, may be some people like my opinion and some not so, I want to say it is my school of thought maybe you thought will differ from me. Keep smiling and thank you for your time. 



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