Set a goal in your life

Hey I am here again for you all, with an interesting topic. I hope you are doing well. Today I come up with a new theme, new idea and new way to think on your life. I hope it will give you some guidelines to make your life interesting.
Let start with the topic. Today I am going to discuss the importance of having goal in life. As we know that life itself a challenge for us. So making life more interesting we have to face different challenges and we need to set a certain goal to achieve in a single life. As we know life is limited we have many wishes in our life but to make them true we need to work hard and harder. These things we know already.
Many people set their goals of life and they do hard work to achieve their goals but some people don’t set it, what happen with them and what they do? 

People who set their goals in life are so much successful  as compare to others mostly. So setting a goal is much important. Moreover like if you want to achieve something you need a path and for that path you need a direction. If you have set to achieve something you need to find that path and that it lead you towards your aim. So setting a goal is much important for a life it will lead us to success. More over to achieve our goals there are two ways:
1.     1. Short cut method
2.      2. Long term method

Starting with short cut method many of people using this method to achieve their aims but this method not suit us. Going with this it will only hurts us and we never learn things through this method and it will give us only external satisfaction. But going slowly to achieve success we need to follow the long term method which give us inner satisfaction and mostly it give us a happy life and we get satisfy from it. So set a goal in your life, do work hard and be a goal oriented person to be a successful in your life. Always think beyond your thinking and try to do different things in your life. Life is a precious gift from God, so make it beautiful and try to bring smile on other people faces it will also lead towards your aim. It give you internal courage to achieve your goal. Be confident and do what you want.

I hope some people will going to agree with all this and some not. For those who will not agree with this, be calm comment what is your opinion let see what is the result of it.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ana Khattak says:

    Indeed we all have a purpose of life and discovery of that purpose is tha goal of our life. Small steps taken towards it will lead to the achievement of that goal. (Y)

  2. Zeeshan Alam says:

    yes indeed. (Y) stay tune with us,

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