Yeah it is My Birthday!

Yeah it is my birthday. Another joyful year comes to an end. Day by day we are growing up and things are changing as well, we getting mature and things are to be understandable with time. we are entering into a life where we have many responsibilities and problems which have to be face in a different ways. on the other hand while growing up we are coming near towards our third stage of our life where we will see as a respectable person. As we know that life has three stages:

1. Childhood
2. Teen age (Youth)
3. last stage as elders or senior citizen.

I am currently in second stage of my life but today one year of my youth stage come to an end. moreover day by day we are losing our days and going near to our end of life. so enjoy every day as your birthday and last day. keep smiling and stay blessed.

Happy birthday to me πŸ™‚


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