People need People

“People who need people,” says the song, “are the luckiest people in the world”
As Pakistani may often belong to large, stable communities, our personal relationship can keep us from feeling isolated. We feel especially value about the people who are close to us. We prefer such time-honored qualities as loyalty and openness. We may also delight in more unusual traits, like a wacky sense of humor or love of friendly arguments.

Since ages humans are been called as social animals because of the fact that to survive people need other people. Not only for survival but people need people to be a happy individuals a responsible citizen and a peace promoters.
 According to the science people can live a happy life when they are away from mental and emotional stress, and to avoid mental and emotional stress people need other peoples support, care and love in form of family and friends. Hence people can be an individual with happiness and satisfaction only if they are given love and care of other people. Therefore people need people to support each other live a happy life individually.

Secondly people may need other people to represent their country’s ideology as responsible citizen by considering each others values and representing each other views. Social evils caused by considering cultural, religious discrimination can be avoided by respecting each others values and there will be political stability as well. Thus people need each other not only to support mentally or emotionally but also represent their country’s unity. In this way they can be responsible citizens by considering their country’s ideology and helping each other.

Thirdly, people need other people in order to promote peace in their society. Peace is something that cannot be gained by individual but of needs a whole group of people who support each other on basis of humanity not on the basis of their religious or cultural values. By avoiding difference people need each other to be a peace promoter individually in society to make their society an ideal society.
Hence, people can’t survive if in a society with social evils, mental stress, political instability and sadness people need each other in order to avoid such problems so that together they can live happily, and make a prefect society.


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