Life Story (True one)

Once upon a time there is a boy, He feel that he is unlucky, He really cared for someone but never told her because they were best friends from childhood. He thought he is

wrong it’s think like this. We are just friends and never said his feelings to anyone but deep in the heart he cared so much one day, he realized, he is wasting his time, his expectations were so hurted. He now don’t actually know what is he feeling, he is lost in another world no body is there to help. What only he see is two eyes with the sadness which is impossible to be removed. He lost hope and went to place where he was alone, nobody could hear his voice. He is like in hell, then an angle came into his life. Angle told him it’s not the end out, there is light come and see. He trusted the angle he went with there was light and smile. He was now learning and recovering and learning to live again.

        One day her past called him, asked him where are you gone? Why are not you there? He said he is gone. Her past told her “he can’t go like this, because she also wanted to say what he always want to hear but afraid of losing best friend that’s why never told. She thinks the same that they both have think each other more than of best friends.

He is now almost feeling less, he has gone into a world where now he can’t see anything. He is almost dead. But life is not end, he is recovering and learning how to smile. Because God is with him and he find someone who care a lot.


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