Life is like Football game (Be positive)

Today i am going to tell you about life, how it is like to be a football game.

According to my school of thoughts:

I feel that life is like a football game. In football we have opponents and like in life we have too. there are 22 players who are doing their job, 11 players make a team and try to achieve a goal. like in life as a individual we act as a player and our

Zeeshan Alam

family act as team. Moreover when 11 players line up in football stadium they look as strengthen like if a family is united same as it. Father and Mother is acting as goalkeeper, whatever the other family members not doing good, the father and mother are always ready to protect the other members of family. the siblings act as defenders and defend us when ever we do wrong, and friends and life partner are acting as strikers. and whole as a team our life is moving around in a stadium (earth). until the time of death. in life we have two half as well one when we are dependent on our family and one when family became dependent on us. like the football game. As a coach Allah Almighty guide us and we play till the end to achieve our life goal.Β  Β 


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  1. Danish Alam says:

    Nice one kaka πŸ™‚

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