The Things I Did ( poem)

Zeeshan Alam
The things I did,
I never do it again,
I know I break your trust,
It will never derived again,
Sometime my mind is not in control,
I know the feeling control it all,
I know I did the wrong.
But I learn don’t trust your feelings it just like a wild horse,
Never leave me I am not what you think I would be,
I want to be with you what ever it would be,
I don’t understand the relation we have,
Sometimes I feel we are friends,
Sometimes more than a friend,
and sometime a stranger for you,
All things happen in this life you know,
Just nothing else I need a chance to grow,
Forgive me just the way people do,
Let give me a chance to bring back things again in a row,
Forgive me, zee heart has nothing more else to say,
Just need a chance to bring the way back again.
Zee Clicks


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