As everyone familiar with this word, today I am going to tell you about education and it concept, and more over I will let you know what kind of education system we have? And what kind of education system would be valid in this type of world. I hope this article will help you out to get motivate and inspire you to learn things regarding education and its importance. Let start:
“Education is power”.
According to my school of thought:
Yes absolutely I am agree to above statement. Everyone should know that, if you have quality education you will be the king of this universe. But unfortunately to say that in our country where we are the resident of a kind of nation which has itself may problems to deal, one of our country big problem is Education system, which is a major issue. Early I quoted that education is power, so without strong educational system we do not fight with our problems and it will be so difficult for us in upcoming years to survive in this educational power world. Our leaders should think on this aspects to standardized the educational system, bring some quality and make this country strong.
What kind of system we have and what kind of education we need?
As we well familiar with this that our educational system is not well standardized. Our teachers do not perform and did not able to convey quality education. Today I am going to share my experience that what kind of education system I had faced and what kind of problems currently I am facing as a student.
First of all starting with the course content of our education, the main issue of our system, I am amaze when I go through my syllabus and courses content. They are all based on foreign concept written by foreign authors. Yeah I agree they are knowledge able things. But as we know that we have different educational system so the courses must be more practical based and must be according to our country situations. I will clarify this through example: if you are live in foreign country, you should have to follow rules and regulations of that country define in their constitution. And so on every country has their own constitution. They are almost like same but define according to different situations of country which can easily be understand by individual of each country. That is why education system should be customized for every country according to its situations.This tell us that we should have our own educational system course content which would be clearly understand able to us according to our country situation.
Secondly about teachers, when you are discussing about teacher I have no words to say anything for them, I do respect  but some where I feel our teacher do not put their best effort to convey quality knowledge. Reading a book and give explanation to it is not teaching. It is something which has value and need effort to convey quality education. Sometimes there are some good teachers, I have experience in my past educational career they are good enough and had ability to give us some real knowledge and I am thankful for them for putting their efforts to convey their knowledge. Our teachers should be prepare before conveying. Moreover they should try to explore things by involving every student through class activates and by providing them guidelines for next step. The environment should be friendly, where each student can share his thoughts with his/her teacher. Even in university I had also experience that teacher do favoritism while giving score to individual. It is not the way to be a teacher, it dis-hurt hardworking students. So we should provide a good quality education system where we just focus on quality not on quantity.
Importance of Education:
At the last but not the least, education play an important role in every one individual life, so try to learn and find quality knowledge, specially a message to teen agers, don’t waste your time, someday your realized its importance and you feel harsh why I did not enrolled in it. As a teen ager I like to spend my time by doing fun and enjoyment but I do care about education as well. Life is limited and you have to make it more beautiful my polishing it through education. And what you have learnt try to convey it to other people as many as you can , if you leave this universe you can’t alive again but education will remain till the end through generation to generations. So learn and covey having smile on your face.

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