Fashion Show: Safar-e-Balaad (The Creative Journey)

Fashion Show: Safar-e-Balaad (The Creative Journey), 2014.
STEP we all know today has come a long way in the last one decade. A long journey in achievements though not so long in time and years. Started as an NGO SAEL movement (Synergist for Advancement in Educational Leadership) .STEP started its journey in 2003 with a small team but a big vision. Today, STEP is the parent body for multiple projects; the NGO SAEL, the Institute of Art, Design & Management – IADM, Mélange the beauty lounge & institute, Business and Management, English Language Centre, Mary Popins apparel, STEPWise consultancy, and Training & Development. Today, ninety above 90 % of our graduates are working progressively in the industry or have become successful entrepreneurs.


Institute of art design and Management rigorously promotes creative and innovative collection themes based on individual design ideas and synergized with local/regional concepts. Therefore last year show was “Ralli” conceived from culture of Sindh and this year, the thematic inspiration is taken from Gilgit Baltistan region, titled as “Safar-e-Balaad” (The Creative Journey). The annual Fashion Show “Safar-e-Balaad” (The Creative Journey) is arranged to exhibit the final collection of our one year BTEC Level 3 Diploma students of Fashion & Clothing. These students hail from Gilgit Baltistan, Bhawalpur, bhawalnagar, Vehari, Khanewal, Lodhra, Muzafargarh,Bhorewala, Rahimyar khan And Chistian. The show promises to help our students in communicating their creative conceptions with fashion industry and hence giving them a push in their career.

traditional Dress
Zeeshan Alam Urko

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