Past is in the Past

“Past is in the past” 

The sentence which inspire me a lot to write something about past. First of all this line is not mine “past is in the past”, one of my friend said to me that while diccuss something about past. when they said this , something going on in my mind and now it is time to “say it all”.

“Past” the four letters word having a great philosophy in it. it is a combination of our those memories and days which never com back again. we can say that it is flip side of our life. when i think about my past. e.g childhood those days were precious for me and we didn’t realized about that. Time is going like a bullet train, we have to work hard for survive in this world. . but past things never came back again which will be important for us. for example: to build a building you have to build strong base for it first. like that to be a sucessful person in this world , you need to have a strong past as well. but sometimes situations may be different. one of writer said that:

“how bad your past is forget it, because your future is still spot less”  
According to him, you have still chance to survive in this world. but sometimes it is important to have a strong past. because the things you learn from your past give know-how , how you face your upcoming problems, give you strong boost to defend yourself and you known our choices are largely based on survival. but if life is external, life is not a question.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    nice one. keep it up (h)

  2. Zeeshan Alam says:

    thank you so much 🙂

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