HOPE (givemar.wordpress.com)

Think and think and think, am I the person I want to be? Am I the same as I had dreamed of?

I am no body, just another guy, another person, who shall vanish in the currents of history unknown, a tiny particle in the huge desert of humanity, one might think a lot about almost everything through his conciseness but analyzing his own position is quite rare


It is indeed an uphill path with the projections of our choices on either side of the road, for some it probably shall be regret for some it would be a joy sight. Regardless of the present position when imagining the choices we made to the other choices we had then shall lead one to a whole new dimension.

If one is given the same options again one should definitely change the choices he had regretted, the possibilities are numerous you can change the most important decisions of your life; you can be happy rich caring and loving, a good human indeed.

What if after analyzing the past for an instant one changes his choice of regrets and doesn’t founds peace in the present then? Then I guess we have to live with it in fact we are living with the choices we made, the regrets till last breath, the pain , the suffering and the ecstasy , the inevitable instantaneous transition through to the end of one’s time.

But be optimistic as it’s the only beacon lighting the fire of hope visible from faraway lands, the beacon leading to the destinies in the roaring waves of the mighty ocean for uncountable beings.

It could be anything; it could be any one, “a small drop of water, a tiny torrent of breeze, a little pat on the head, a warm hug of a well wisher, a happy moment with the family, a good conversation with a pal,” It could be anything.

It could be anything anywhere when felt with the soul or it could be nothing nowhere seen through the eyes.

Khalid Ansari

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