Ibex Production

Ibex production presents best photographers and videographers all over Pakistan, upholding innovative ideas and sincere service attitude to every client. Our professional photographers work according to clients’ requirement, budget and idea. We specialize in wedding photo shoots, wedding video work, PR/Corporate photo/video work, Family and Children photography, Glamour / Boudoir shoots and Actors and Dancers head shoots.

Aly Mujeeb Co-Owner of Ibex Production

• Wedding
You have found your soul mate and you are getting married; this is exciting! Let us help you remember every moment of your wedding with photos and video. We limit ourselves to ten weddings a year so we can take the time to truly hear your voice and make it perfect. Book your wedding with Ibex production today.

• Art
These are the projects that make us come alive. From short films to looping documentaries, enjoy our time-based playground of visual nourishment.

• Music video
You are in a band. You practice four days a week. People gather to hear your sounds. They collect your posters, stick your stickers, and wear your t-shirts. They drool at the news of your next release. Give them something more. Music videos are our favorite (and we do a really good job). Let’s collaborate to create the best visual experience your music you deserve.

• Training & Corporate work
Creative, watchable, informative whether for your website or use in house, we can capture the event work to its best level.

Ten reasons to hire us:

1. We have a fast turnaround time: three weeks or less.

2. We are able to maximize any budget and do more with less.

3. We are photographers at heart, which means we are attentive to every detail of the production process.

4. We offer flexible payment options.

5. We continuously upgrade our equipment to keep ahead of industry standards.

6. We listen to your story like we listen to grandpa’s fireside tales: totally attentive to every word.

7. We are story-tellers at heart, just like grandpa (and hopefully just as captivating).

8. We are sculptors of light: all to your liking.

9. We are organized, personable, and respectful of your time.

10. We believe in innovation and we show sincere attitude to our every client.

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