Written by Sabbahuddin Hunzai

I The Man
Akin to Lord’s lessons of dexterity to weave,
To silkworm and the acumen He gifted to bee,

Which fills its chambers with honey that’s sweet,
God opens the door of knowledge to me.

Why the learning should be beyond my reach?
Wasn’t I as the man, taught all “God’s names”?

Did not I reach the glory of angels?
Then why should I lay low my own fame.

Do I soar not high in highest skies?
Am I not fed on the milk of faith?

Was I not worshipped by angels but Satan?
And for this, did he not earn my Lord’s wrath.

But why my face lacking semblance of man?
Is not my face, the manifestation of divine?

Why I lie in shadow and am in despised form?
May be, I must be bathed in light to shine.

My Soul is lost and seems quite far off,
My eyes are dazzled by false colors.

These beautiful colors veil the “Light” from me,
I must seek the fragrance, not sham of flowers (Sabbahuddin Hunzai)

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. wonderful..Bohut khoobsorat poetry. Need to have his books. Nice share zeeshan Alam 🙂

  2. Zeeshan Alam says:

    thanks alot 🙂 keep smiling 🙂

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