Women of Hunza written by Noreen Akhter

This note includes my own pathos. It’s just my free writing and I hope it won’t hurt anyone 🙂

What should I call the women of Hunza; the most fortunate, sincere, most respected and independent? When I think back about my past years, I still remember the situations when I always questioned my self regarding the strengths of women of Hunza.

I got the same answer that they are nothing else but simply dependent, weak and unaware of their rights. But, I was wrong. After observing others, I have realized the actual strength of women of Hunza. A strength of a hunzai woman can be proved when she supports her parents and sacrifices her life for them. It can be observed when she supports her husband, no matter what the conditions are. It can be observed when she supports her family equal to her husband, courageously. It can be proved when she stands in favor of her people and supports them with her true intentions. It can be proved when she works hard to earn money by working in fields and through her creativity (handicrafts), so that she could support her children to make them able to get education. She doesn’t think that if she is uneducated then her life is useless. It’s because she knows the truth of life that it is all about creating our own selves. Her sincerety towards her culture gives her a perfect identity. Her support towards her family makes her a perfect daughter and wife. Her true intentions towards her community make her most courageous and a true patriot.

I always wandered that how my mom keeps a balance between all these responsibilities? She supports us equal to my papa. She is a volunteer, attends her job and handles family issues more then my father. Now I got the answer that because she is a woman of Hunza. I define her strength as a woman of Hunza.

I am always proud to be a Hunzai…… 🙂


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