To be a Successful Businessman (Meet with successors)

Fruits and horticulture are the main sources of Gilgit-Baltistan’s economy but regretted that no proper heed was being paid by the public sector organizations towards this paradise. we observe that there are huge opportunities exist in agriculture sector and organic farming.
Climate and abundant water resources make it ideally suitable for marvelous growth of this sector in Gilgit Baltistan, where immense potential is yet to be exploited. However the most scrumptious fruits in Gilgit Baltistan include apricots, peaches, mulberries, apples and honey-dew melons. The trees of almonds and walnuts also gown rapidly(said by CEO Harvest Trading)

The above statement give me good encouragement and i inspired from it. now on, going onward,
If I wanted to be successful, I had to learn from the best. I needed to hear their stories. How they started. How they grew. How they are building their empires right now. And I needed to hear it straight from their mouths. the below company is dealing in honey. its a great opportunities for me that owner of GBees Mr.Sajjad Ali Hunzai  is belong to my village. And i eager to know the experience about his business dealing. His company is a great giant in the market of Gilgit Baltistan. A young successful businessman from GB. Nice to see young people that they have eager regarding business.

Moreover meeting to him he said to me regarding his company,
“We Provide all kind of Honey on Demand. We also provide Bees, Bee Wax, Royal Jelly, all kind of equipment used in Beekeeping and consultancy in Beekeeping. our mission is Provide Quality Honey to our Customers. and he said we are dealing in below products:
-Wild berry 
-Russian Olive
-Mixed Herbals
-Royal Jelly
-Bee Wax
-Bee Boxes and Frames
-Hive Tools
-Honey Extractors
-Bee Medicines

However he tell me more about his business and guide me regarding business key points. it was my first experience to meet with a young business man like him and he wish me best of luck for my future business plans. i really thankful for him to give me a time to teach me and share his experience with me. it is great way to be a successful businessman by learning and hearing the experience based on stories from successors. i will continue my journey of meeting successful businessmen. stay tune with and share your experience if you are young businessman.

For More about GBees Honey Visit:

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