How I start Blogging?

How I start Blogging?

Blogging is not a rocket science. Today I am sharing my experience how I start blogging.

Back in 2012 I heard about blogging that there is something through which you can share your ideas and articles to the world via internet. Before this as many person do that in their life’s that they wrote their personal dairies like them I also do that. Still I have my own diary. But since from 2012 I left to wrote on diary and start blogging and share my views through my blog. That’s history related things. 

Move on to the point. In 2012 I join my college and I saw an announcement that there is a session regarding blogging. I am well interested in it. And finally I got registration to attend that session. Important point is that I am not a computer science student; basically my subject of study is Business. However that is my first step towards blogging. On Sunday, the session was to be held and I amazed to see that there are more than 150 participants’ who were already in the hall and I got the last seat 😦 .

The session starts on time. First a person came on stage and introduce himself and He is the best blogger of Pakistan and when he said that I earn through blog more than the salary of a Company CEO. Then what ! I became more interested in it. At that time my mind clicks an interesting idea. And I wrote down idea on piece of paper, that’s the key point for me, in that session and my blogging story.

Moreover the speakers give us more information and gave us motivation for blogging. And finally they start on the projector and they show us how to start your blog. Then they gave us some information regarding free blogging sites. Such as


And I am impressed with both sites. Somehow the session was full of information……..

Then I reached to home get my laptop out from bag and start exploring wordpress and blogspot sites. And then I use both platforms to start my blog with the name of social aspects having the tag line of think beyond your thinking. And start typing my ideas and views and start posting things.

Just I attend one session and I didn’t attend anyone from that day. I do it by myself from that day to up do the date and today I must say I have well managed blog and hope so in future I would be able to make earning from it.

So at last I would say if you have some skills try to explore it through these plate forms.

Finally I really thanks the GO Beyond Social team for conducting such a great session that give help to me to be a blogger.



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