COMSATS Institute of Information Technology is organizing this program to promote University – Industry collaborations in business and economic sectors for the mutual benefit of both the countries. The forum is scheduled to be held from 21st to 24th March 2014.I visit Pak-China business forum and I saw there were many business firms representing their unique products. I also meet COMSATS Wah cantt campus students of computer science, they represent there unique product of helicopter which has a unique feature that which, it rotates itself by 360 degree. Moreover there are many Chinese products. Such as I saw bio-gas stalls where a Chinese representation of this product shows us and tell us the benefits of bio-gas and it process of manufacturing. On the other hand sides there are many household products which were selling by the local business men.

            There are many types of activates which I observed in Pak- china business forum were following.
·         Business to Business Meetings
·         Business to Consumer Activities
·         Marketing Activities etc.
However there are many different activities occur over there, different people interact with Chinese business men and students. And especially women from both countries were also involved in marketing activities. They are quite trained in their field. Many of them were students. At one another stall I saw workshop workbooks were distributed among the visitors with any cost. Basically books are related to the stakeholders and capacity building in flood and management.
            Most interesting stall I saw in Pak-China Business forum was the stall of students developed software which will gives the weather report on over smart phone via application. Most interesting about that stall was that they show us practically how it works. I am really impressed of that software.
            The main purpose of this forum is to tell the world that Pak-china is best friends and they have good potential of business and invention of unique products and business ideas by students from both countries.

All in all it was a great experience to visit a business forum. This environment was full of Business minded people. As a student of MBA I feel that it is a great platform for us to come up with some unique business ideas and explore our ideas to world via this forum. At last I really thank COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Islamabad for organizing such a great business event.

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