Report writing process

A report writing format is prescribed to make information structurally organized. A report is divided on several sections. A report writing format will help you to follow each section of a

report without confusing its purpose and subject-matter. There can be variations of a format. This article provides you with guidelines on a report writing format.

The main structural units of the format of report writing are the following:

1. Cover sheet.

2. Title page. It contents the title of your report, your name, the name of your organization,

the date when your report was done, and the name of your tutor or commission.

3. Table of contents. It is a schematic presentation of your report layout. It contains titles of sections, and the numbers of pages in accordance with each section beginning.

4. Abstract. Report writing format does not obligatory contain this section. An abstract is a short summary of report information.

5. Introduction. This section opens the main informative part of your report. Write here about the purpose, objectives and methods of a research that you used. You should attract the attention of readers.

6. The body of a report. a format of report writing can be subdivided into several subsections. But those sections will be included to the body of a report. In the body you perform important information on the topic.

7. Conclusions. It is a compulsory section of report writing format. You should write about the results and significance of your work.

8. Bibliography/References. The title of this section depends upon your citation style. Report writing format requires the use of quotes from different sources. You should list them all in this section.

9. Appendices. The format of writing report places this section at the very end of a report.


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