Brands exit not just as marketing devices; they are also cultural objects”

There are two ways parts to communicate: the first is the ‘what’ and the other is the ‘how’. A brand exit at the level of meaning in the mind of the consumer and use to create its meaning is an idea. The brands are the idea that exits in the mind of the consumer and what the tool kits do? It is an
Zeeshan alam
Zeeshan alam
instinctive way to help in thinking a brand and made a structure about it. As we know that there is no substitute for thinking. They are processes which help you to support the logic of thought process and give the confidence to shape an idea. The tools are simple, they are like a pack of cards; it’s the way you play with that pack that makes the game interesting.
            Today everyone is talking about globalization. It is not only that the world is changing in regards of economic but the culture framework is changing too, and the brand planner should understand those changes and bring that kind of thoughts to new idea brands.
            Brands exit not just as marketing devices, they are also cultural objectives. Good brands are those that are set in culture. As we know that good brands not just offer value but is also show a good concerned of culture. They try to reflect and be a feature of the culture. The brand planner always tries to bring the understanding of the culture and of cultural change and applies it to a brand. It is making consumer fall in love, and stay in love with, and stay in love, with the brand.branding
            The world is moving from ‘we’ society to ‘I ‘society. The significant thing about ‘I’ is that ‘I’ want to be different, and that differentiation is leading to divisions. Now a day demographic are out and ‘interest’ is in. it is not about where you come from but about whom you want to be.
            As we know that culture differs from society to society and language is the carrier of cultural ideas. When it comes to advertising you can’t have a one size fits all approach. But you cannot widely sweep it either. But you should stay away from such distinctions; the minor differences are really in terms of how people process the information.zee
            For positing of brand TV is one of the effective medium. But more and more people asking ‘what else’? The big question is that how you go beyond the 30 second commercial, especially if you are on a limited budget? Now a day everyone knows about internet and if you look at the physical numbers of internet users, it boggles the mind. So while you cannot completely do away with television, you have to look at the other media as well. So we have to use best combination of medium to convey the message impact. Cinema advertising is one of the best ways to have a message impact, it is no longer about advertising on screen; it is about the experience you can create. The multiplex has become an advertising medium in its self.

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