"Just be at yourself because life is too short to be someone else”

Life is a blessing of God. We are uncertain regarding its time period but still realize the significance of life. It is very hard to decide whether you are living your life for yourself or for someone else. But, life is too short and I would prefer to live for myself as to be lived for someone else; because of its aim, short period of time and uncertainty of its existence.

Being a human, life means a lot for us. First, we have to fulfill our wishes and most important the aim of our life. For this purpose, we need to think for ourselves and plan to reach our destination. For example: if someone wishes to be a teacher, doctor, engineer or something else in his life she/he has to focus upon her/his aim of life. Furthermore, if she/he may waste the given time then it is means that the individual has not realized the worth of her/his life. In fulfilling aim, we need to look into the short time period of life aswell.
Next, life is too short so enjoy it before the last moment may reach to you. From Dark Age to the Modern Age we do have many civilizations where life is being given the primary importance to live for their own purpose instead to live it for someone else. And the age factor may be varied form hundred to fifty or sixty years. For example, in old ages people used to have long lives and still they preferred to be at theirselves rather to be anyone else. Nevertheless, they were not sure about its exact time period.
Lastly, the most worrying factor which enforces us to live for ourselves is the factor of uncertainty of life. Regardless of the shortness of time period of life, we do worry about it certainty too. We want to enjoy the great blessing of God in short period of time but again we are not sure about the expiry date of our life. For example: If you tell somebody that she/he will die next day then she/he starts to worry not because of death rather the uncertainty factor frightens that person.

In conclusion, life is a priceless gift ever gifted by the Mighty Creator. And it is better to live for ourselves to live a happy and healthy life instead to live for someone else by keeping in mind the aim of our life, its limited timed period and insecurity factor too.If I may able to achieve my aim of life in the short period of time and living under the shade of uncertainty then, someone else can get benefit out of my life.

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