One Day without Internet in Office

As usually I reached office on time with a fresh and healthy mood. I meet my all office staff and back to my office room and on my computer, checking all the invoices of yesterday and collect them and dispatch on file. While on ward I received a call from my boss complained about the daily reports. I quickly go through my computer and I will wedge like a man stuck in a muddy land. I saw the internet connection wasn’t work, little bit disappointment on my face and I called my boss, told him about internet problem. He was very upset about that and told me to fix it very soon. Then I called the internet services provider and complained about internet problem. After some while I received another call from the internet provider that internet connection is not fix today, I asked them why???? They told me due to raining weather the wire of DSL is affected so it will not fix today. I am very worried about my daily reports. I receive call on a call from my boss and I am very upset. Then I handle all situations by working manually and complete my reports it took lots of time but finally I complete my work. After a while I took a cup of tea and get relax, but with in no time I received a call from main office that quickly sent an email on behalf of your company to claim about abnormalities, once again I wedged, and excuse about that. I try once again and dial a call to the internet services provider and request to fix my internet connection but they don’t attend my call. I really get hipper. But what to do I didn’t fix my internet connection on that day.

 The day past and I back to my home without my daily work completion. But I get experience that how to deal your boss while having no internet connection in your office. Not to be a Good day but it was useful experience for my future life.
             If you have any experience about this in your office please share it and how you deal it please tell me, may be your tips useful in future to me and others who face these type of problems.

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