Life I see in you Everything

Those amazing butterflies, with colorful wings
Peacock, from whose tail, entire rainbow springs
And the greens of nature, where my heart swings
Delicious flavored fruits, and the meals of king

Life I see in you Everything…
I see wonderful clothes, attractive dressings
Standing high, looking firm, great buildings
Multi colored fountains with light railings
glowing city in dark, these unique sightings

Life I see in you Everything
Covered in the mist, those fade evenings
Bunking with friends and the birthday feelings
Laughter of hours, on disastrous paintings
Fighting for pizza with favorite toppings

Life I see in you Everything

So I strive hard, to achieve my sharings
I want to have each of above blessings
And i dont care for my health and other Human Beings
I even Left My Lord, I Stopped Praying

I feel sometimes, I got struck by lightenings
Hidden inside me, are my soul’s burnings
People see me smiling, “it’s a happy ending”?
My heart is in pain, “You Just See My Coatings

Butterflies once touched, powdered color leavings

The greens in winter are nothing but wiltings
The snow I like, in summer is melting
And joy of meal, is of feeble timings

Dresses of my choice, will be mere peelings
Buildings of sky, would do ground kissings
lights and friends, would lose their glistenings
Time will shake it all, there are no healings

Am I trapped in dreams?”Am i a Cageling”?
How hard I would try, I would lose everything
Old age or accident, would end up my earnings
“Guys! em going to my Grave, THIS is My Ending”


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  1. this is awesome one i loved it seriously ❤

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