Iran upset about slow progress on gas pipeline


Tehran has expressed concern over delay in start of work on the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline and has pressed Islamabad to swiftly nominate entities for going ahead with the project.zee

According to sources, Iranian Deputy Minister of Petroleum in International and Commercial Affairs A-Khaledi, in a letter on May 27, reminded Pakistan government that after a government-to-government cooperation agreement between the two countries, they were supposed to select entities to commence work on the gas pipeline immediately.


Iran has already done this, but it is still waiting for any action from Pakistan side. Since time is too short, your prompt instruction in this regard is highly appreciated,” the Iranian minister said.

Sources say a Pakistan team was also scheduled to visit Iran on June 3 to finalize the award of contract to Iranian firm Tidbit Energy that will lay Pakistan’s part of the pipeline, but it put off the trip because of transition of power to a new government after general elections.

zeeTidbit will act as the lead contractor along with nominated local sub-contractor(s).


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