Celebrating New Year 2013

Celebrating New Year 2013

Yesterday I spend the happiest day of my life.  On 31st December 2012 we woke up early in the morningfriendsand started to prepare our breakfast. After while we took breakfast and ready for our daily obligations. When we reached back to home at 5.00 pm, one of our cousins said: “today let’s party to celebrate the New Year”. The idea of him sounds great but we all were tried and said that we think on it. After refreshing ours self, we decide to do a grant party at home to celebrate the New Year. Almost 8.00 pm we started to cook meal having different varieties. All thing ready and it time for party. We brought sound system for that day and play some loud music and loss in the traditional music of Hunza (my place). More forward we were waiting for 12.00 am and the movement comes with in no time, but unfortunately having in loud music in room we didn’t bothering the meal which turns in to a very bad gesture while excitement of New Year we didn’t notice that the oven is on, then what to do. In no time we started cook meal again from initial stage. After sometimes we manage to make meal and back to musical stage. We were waiting for the celebration time.  Then at 12.00am we pray for our county and our families’ health. Then we started dance on our tradional music and dance till the colors in the sky became finished. At 1.00 pm we stop dancing and talking about different views and points of education while taking meal. More over it too late so we decide to go bed and having a great sleep. We wish each other having sweet dreams and wish happy New Year.

zeeshan alam urko
zeeshan alam urko

May be boring for you guys but when you were with us then I am sure that you enjoy it. I am not good in grammar English but I love to write articles. And I hope so you like this article. Be happy and wish you a great and peaceful New Year 2013.

Share you experience of last day of 2012 in below comments if you like


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  1. Is the fact that a red 76? Ford Maverick in front from the HW store, partially obscured through the arch?

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