Raka-K2music BAND

Hunza Attabad Lake, Gilgit-Baltistan
Hunza Attabad Lake, Gilgit-Baltistan (Photo credit: ihunzai)

 Melody of the Karakorum Mountains is known to be the music of healing and source of inspiration for those who are hurt by the swords of love, hatred, this special classical music of Gilgit-Baltistanhas the potential to offer better and purest medicine in form of natural and deep music. “Music has been healing souls of uncountable men through the course of the history”. Music is my life and it has taken away my inner voice as a source of inspiration for you.

English: Official Tourism Logo of the Governme...
English: Official Tourism Logo of the Government of Gilgit Baltistan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gilgit Baltistan Productions is a private Production house set up by students of Mass Communication at Forman Christian College, University, Lahore, with the sole purpose of promoting and propagating the cultural prospects of Gilgit Baltistan. In times, when nations have given up their common identity and national character, and fret about it, the students of this distant land find culture the chord to set up a close network among the local populace, instilling in them a sense of fraternity and brotherhood. It is the need of time to work on setting close connections and ties and to eradicate differences, so that people could shoulder a common cause of nationalism and oneness.
Gilgit Baltistan Productions is at a nascent stage, as it was set up during the initial months of 2011, yet it has shown immense progress and is known to many. It’s very first credit was a close music recording session with music veterans from GB, including the Darvesh Gone Band and the Silk Route Band. It will soon be available on cable in GB. The next milestone was the Gilgit Baltistan Cultural Evening at Forman Christian College University Lahore. Musicians DJ Niaz Hunzai, Shoaib Wazir, Islam Habib Hunzai, Anwar Hunzai, Sultan Karim, and Ghulam Jillani, amused the lively audience with their outstanding performances. The audience loved the traditional musical instruments and lauded the skill and dexterity of the musicians. Gilgit Baltistan Productions received loads of accolades for successfully organizing a successful show on its own.  The stage is set. We are aiming at immeasurable avenues of productivity and progress. We will work tirelessly to make our culture known and acclaimed. We will go far any limit to earn a good name for GIlgit Baltistan, land of purity and sanctity. We are looking forward to your support and constructive ideas for carrying out the mission with a positive and upbeat approach. We need Cameramen, Directors, Stage Designers, and people with different capacities related to Productions. Contact Gilgit Baltistan if you think your culture is worth representing. God be with us. Amen

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  1. Jeremiah says:

    I really enjoyed the video. The music, the mountains, the man dancing all were very refreshing. I am a school teacher and in our class we always stress the great value of cultural diversity. If the music is any indicator the Hunzai have a very rich cultural heritage and a very beautiful homeland

  2. Zeeshan Alam says:

    thanks very much. for your nice comment… keep following my blog am here to explore my culture and social aspects of the world….

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  5. Joona says:

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  6. Zeeshan Alam says:

    thanks all of you for your interest in our culture

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