Be Happy

This is one of those subjective things that everyone believes in…but the problem is that everyone assumes that it is something that everyone experiences in the same way…everyone generalizes happiness…people just want to be “HAPPY”…but most of the time, they dont know what they are looking for…and most of the time they want something just because someone else has it and they seem “happy”…so we automatically assume that that thing would make us happy too…what we fail to consider is that everyone is not as HAPPY as they might seem to be….everyone has problems to deal with and just because they seem happy does not mean that they are actually satisfied with their lives….and the reason for that is that happiness is overrated by everyone…everyone paints a picture with endless diversity of colors…but no one realizes that picture is not easy to paint and that life is not easy….it might seem easy for some people, but as a matter of fact, it is a test….it is a test of integrity, faith, strength….


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  2. Micah Ohman says:

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  3. Harry High says:

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